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Property investing- Sydney , Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Canberra - real estate Australia. There are two main benefits to be gained by investment in property: 1. Realizing capital growth as the value of your property increases. 2. Rental yields from your property

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Investing for capital growth and income

There are two main benefits to be gained by investment in property:

  1. Realizing capital growth as the value of your property increases

  2. Rental yields from your property

Capital Growth

Property investors who have done their homework and bought a quality property in a desirable location at the right time are ideally positioned to reap the reward of a substantial capital gain on the future sale of their asset. Capital growth can also offer you the opportunity to invest in other asset classes, like shares, using the built-up equity in your property.

In this way, you can minimize risk by creating a balanced investment portfolio via diversification – which means not having all your investment eggs in one basket.

Concentrating all your investment dollars in just one asset class is considerably to be unwise. At any time, investments in some of the four asset classes will perform more strongly than the others. By investing across as many assets as possible, it is much more likely that part of your portfolio will be turning in above average returns at any one time. You may also avoid the large losses that are likely if you invest in just one class of asset.

Income Stream

Property investment offers an ongoing source of net income ( gross rental minus costs ) for those investors who haven’t borrowed heavily and have avoided the burden if high loan repayments – especially if interest rates are heading upwards.

A property that is well-located and active to long-term renters is more likely generate a regular income stream, especially when rental market is strong and if periods of vacancy are kept minimum. Extended vacancies can be costly for investors because you will still be required to meet all your costs including interest repayments, rates, maintenance and property management fees.

Rental yields

Over time, rents in most Australian States have risen steadily – with slight ‘hiccups’ every now and then. Rents therefore provide a dependable ongoing income stream and rental returns rise with inflation. Rental growth for residential property tends to be linked to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), but they can vary from State to State and within cities.

As long as you set the rent at a reasonable level ( in line with the market average) instead of trying to squeeze out a few extra dollars, a quality property in a sought-area will help to ensure strong rentals returns and increase the likelihood of full-time tenancy.

Income from rental returns is more constant than income earned from other assets. Owners of shares, for example, receive twice-yearly dividend payments ( a share of the company’s after-tax profit ). Since dividend amounts depend on size of the company’s profit they can vary significantly. If company profits are down, sometime there are no dividends at all.


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