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Payday Loans, Bad Credit Personal Loans

Are you looking for some FAST CASH to cover an unforeseen emergency expense?

We have helped many with Tax Bills, Funerals, Car insurance, Repairs, Travel Costs, Rental Bonds, Household Goods… for any purpose.

Have been declined by others due to your credit history?

Why not try an innovative online lender for:

  • FAST LOANS up to $3,000;

  • Approval by next working day;

  • Bad Credit OK;

They have helped out thousands of Australians with extra money between pays. Traditional Lenders simply do not understand the hard working Aussie who is forever juggling bills while trying not to fall behind with their rent, mortgage, car repayments, insurance etc. All it takes is one unforeseen expense such as a car breakdown, moving costs, emergency travel, hospital bills and it all goes haywire.

Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that the cash is only a few days away but you need it earlier. People with a history of bad credit know all too well that your local bank simply will not consider an unsecured loan to an applicant with arrears, defaults, part 9 or Bankruptcy on their credit report.




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