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A loan guarantor will not solve all borrowing problems
May 10, 2016, 11:10 am
It is true that often borrowers are able to breach the gap between their borrowing needs and the loan qualification criteria of lenders, by using a loan guarantor. However guarantors can only be helpful in some borrowing situations, while in others … Continue reading →

Making yourself more attractive to your lender
April 5, 2016, 10:35 am
When it comes to qualifying for finance, it is important to understand what lenders are looking for in assessing your loan application. This is not about getting a haircut or buying a new suit for a meeting with your bank manager, … Continue reading →

Understanding the basics of borrowing
March 8, 2016, 6:45 pm
Like it or not DEBT is a four letter word. We all borrow but some of us do it better than others. Before deciding to apply for any form of credit you really should stop and ask yourself the following questions. … Continue reading →

Bad Credit Mortgages – what you should know
February 1, 2016, 9:57 am
While having some bad credit history will not stop you from qualifying for a bad credit mortgage, there are distinct differences between the loans offered by mainstream lenders and bad credit mortgages. No deposit means no loan This is non-negotiable … Continue reading →

Borrowing with bad credit

Payday Loans, Instant Cash Loans

If you are looking for pay day loan offers fast cash loans, cash advance solutions for your needs. All bad credit finance from

Debt Consolidation

Struggling with loan repayments, looking to consolidate your credit cards or store cards into one single payment? Defaults, arrears ? Our professional consultants will help you with debt consolidation. We work with Australian leading debt consolidation specialists

Superior Service

All our staff are highly experienced. We are completely independent and are dedicated fully to building value for our customers Our entire service consists of continuously searching the Australian loan market to identify the most innovative, flexible and competitive loan products and introduce their providers to you – our valued Customer. Our comprehensive services are completely FREE to you. We are remunerated from commissions paid by the lenders having assisted you with your lending application.

Everyone is welcome

All our customers are equally important. We are able to help all applicants including:
  • self-employed
  • no financials
  • bad credit history
  • defaults
  • bankruptcies, etc.
* We also have special programmes available for overseas residents.

We assess and direct your enquiry as soon as it is received to the leading Australian Lenders, Loan Originators and Mortgage Managers specialising in the type of loan you have requested. Their Representative will contact you shortly thereafter to :
  • fully explore and explain all the loan options available;
  • work with you to understand your needs and goals;
  • custom tailor a best-fit finance solution;
  • help you make an informed decision;
  • assist with the paperwork required

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